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This guide describes how to deploy JxBrowser within your Java application.

Java desktop application

JxBrowser can be used in a cross-desktop Java application like any other standard Java library. All you need to do is to include the required JxBrowser JAR files and the license file into your Java application classpath.


JxBrowser can be used in a Citrix environment with Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher.

To run Chromium and JxBrowser in a Citrix environment, it’s required to disable Citrix API Hooks. This article provides the detailed guide on how to disable the hooks for the specific application.

The API hooks should be disabled for chromium.exe file located under the Chromium Binaries Directory.


Please note that since JxBrowser version 7.0, OSGi is no longer supported.

Taking into account the number of the OSGi specification implementations, their versions, and the ways developers can configure OSGi applications, we cannot guarantee that JxBrowser OSGi bundles will be compatible with all possible configurations. Due to this fact, we decided to drop the OSGi support in version 7.0.

If you’re using OSGi, take a look at the Eclipse RCP tutorial.

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