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Privacy practices

This document gives an overview of how JxBrowser works with personal data, whether it is collected, stored, or sent to third parties.

JxBrowser is a Java library that integrates with Chromium and consists of two parts: the JxBrowser library itself and Chromium.


JxBrowser doesn’t collect, store, or send any personal data to the external web servers or third parties. It allows enabling logging and store the log messages in a file on a local file system. The log messages include a lot of information required for the debugging purposes. All the sensitive information like login, passwords, keyboard and mouse events, the dragged text, the product license key, etc. is excluded from the log messages and replaced with asterisks (***).


Google Chrome is based on Chromium. Everything described in Google Chrome Privacy Policy can be applicable to Chromium. We recommend that you read this document to find out how to control the information that’s collected, stored, and shared when you use the Google Chrome browser on your computer. What personal information is provided to Google or stored in your Google Account.

JxBrowser uses its own Chromium build. In this build, some features that work with the personal data are disabled:

  • The chrome://settings/ page is not accessible. So, you cannot choose to store the data like passwords, payment cards, and billing information in your Google Account by turning on sync.
  • No built-in Google API Keys, so the geolocation feature that tracks your location and sends requests to the Google web servers is disabled by default.
  • The usage statistics and crash reports are not sent to Google.
  • Chromium automatic updates are disabled.

Moreover, JxBrowser provides functionality that allows disabling external Chromium traffic.

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