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Versioning policy

We release a new version with new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and Chromium upgrades at least once a month. In this guide we describe our versioning policy and principles we use when choosing the version for a new build.

Version number format

JxBrowser version format is MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.


The MAJOR version is incremented when a significant backward-incompatible API change is made. For example, this can happen when new language features are used or the architecture of the library has been significantly changed.

We prefer releasing a new major version not often than once a year.


The MINOR version is incremented when the API has been extended with new functionality. Most of the time the changes are backward-compatible. However, a minor version might include some breaking changes. Usually it happens when we migrate to the latest Chromium build where some functionality is not available anymore or has been significantly changed. In this case we publish a corresponding migration guide (e.g. migrating from 7.7.1 to 7.8).

We release a new minor update at least once a month.


The PATCH version is incremented when some smaller enhancements or fixes are made. For example, when security fixes are introduced in Chromium they are likely to be available in a patch version of JxBrowser.

Patch releases do not introduce incompatible changes.

Patch releases are issued at least once a month.

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