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This guide describes how to save, update, and manage passwords the user enters in a new form online.


Chromium has a built-in functionality that allows remembering the entered credentials when the user submits a new form containing username and password. The library will ask you if you’d like to save the credentials.

If you save them, the next time you load the form, the library will suggest autofill it.

Web Form Autofill Passwords

The web form autofill functionality must be enabled in this case.

To access and manage all saved passwords, use PasswordStore you can access using:

PasswordStore passwordStore = profile.passwordStore();
val passwordStore = profile.passwordStore()

Saving passwords

When the user submits a new form containing username and password, the library will ask you if you’d like to save the credentials via SavePasswordCallback. In the callback you will be prompted to save or never-save (blacklist) the password. For example:

browser.set(SavePasswordCallback.class, (params, tell) ->;
    SavePasswordCallback { params, tell -> }

If you choose to save the password, it will be added to the password store. If select “never-save”, you will mark the forms at this URL as blacklisted. The library will never suggest you to save the passwords on this web page anymore.

Updating passwords

When the user submits the previously submitted form with a new password, the library will ask you to update the saved credentials via UpdatePasswordCallback. In this callback you will be prompted to update or ignore the new value. For example:

browser.set(UpdatePasswordCallback.class, (params, tell) -> tell.update());
    UpdatePasswordCallback { params, tell -> tell.update() }

Managing passwords

Each element in the password store is represented by PasswordRecord. It contains the user’s login and URL of a web page where the form was submitted. It doesn’t store the password itself.

To read all saved and blacklisted records use:

List<PasswordRecord> allRecords = passwordStore.all();
val allRecords = passwordStore.all()

To read only saved records use:

List<PasswordRecord> allSavedRecords = passwordStore.allSaved();
val allSavedRecords = passwordStore.allSaved()

To read only “never-saved” (marked as blacklisted) records use:

List<PasswordRecord> allNeverSavedRecords = passwordStore.allNeverSaved();
val allNeverSavedRecords = passwordStore.allNeverSaved()

To remove all records from the store use:


To remove records associated with a specific URL use:

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