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How long will JxBrowser 6 be supported?

JxBrowser 6 will be supported until the end of 2019.

Can I upgrade to JxBrowser 7 for free?

If you already own a commercial license for JxBrowser 6 with an active Subscription, then you can receive a commercial license key for JxBrowser 7 for free. Please feel free to contact our Sales Team if you have any questions regarding this.

I have a case not covered by this guide. What should I do?

We recommend that you check out our Guides. JxBrowser 6 and 7 are almost identical by functionality. So, if this migration guide does not describe an alternative to the JxBrowser 6 functionality you use, then you can find description of the similar functionality in our guides which documents are grouped by feature areas.

If you do not see description of the required functionality in the guides, then please let us know.

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