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From 7.26 to 7.27

Spell checker

Configuring languages


To configure dictionaries used for spell checking use SpellChecker.dictionaryNames(String...) method. On Linux and Windows, Chromium will download the configured dictionaries in background.

spellChecker.dictionaryNames("de", "en-AU");
spellChecker.dictionaryNames("de", "en-AU")


There are two new methods to manage languages in SpellChecker service:

spellChecker.removeLanguage(Language.of("en", "au"));
spellChecker.removeLanguage(Language.of("en", "au"))

The behavior of these methods is different in different operating systems. On macOS, Chromium uses spellchecking configuration and dictionaries provided by the OS. On Windows and Linux, Chromium manages spellchecking on its own.

The addLanguage method, on Linux and Windows, downloads the dictionaries and blocks the current thread until they are loaded. On macOS, this method only checks if the necessary dictionaries are available in the system.

The removeLanguage method, on Linux and Windows, excludes the language from the spellchecking. On macOS, this method does nothing.

Getting languages


To get the list of dictionaries used for spell checking use the dictionaryNames method:

List<String> supportedDictionaries = spellChecker.dictionaryNames();
val supportedDictionaries = spellChecker.dictionaryNames()


To get the list of spellcheck languages use languages method:

List<Language> supportedLanguages = spellChecker.languages();
val supportedLanguages = spellChecker.languages()
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