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Posted on February 12, 2010

JxBrowser 2.1


  • Added ability programmatically set path to Mozilla profile directory.
  • Added MIME type handling functionality into Mozilla engine.
  • Added possibility to run samples using the java -jar samples.jar <sample name> command or by samples.bat, files.

Resolved issues

  • Javascript alert causes Java application to hang under JDK 1.6.0_07 with Internet Explorer engine.
  • JavaScript Error Listener doesn’t work in Mozilla engine.
  • StatusListener doesn’t work in Safari (WebKit) engine.
  • Navigation finished callback is never invoked when navigation goes to a page by local link (anchor) in Mozilla engine.
  • Pop-up window cannot be opened in Internet Explorer engine when pop-up window target name is empty.
  • Mozilla engine cannot be started on clear Windows platform.

Known limitations

  • Apple Safari (WebKit) engine does not provide DOM access yet (will be added in JxBrowser 2.2 planned for March 2010).
  • IE engine doesn’t support MIME type handling functionality (to be added in JxBrowser 2.2 planned for March 2010).
  • Mozilla engine browser component cannot be added-removed-added into Swing container on Linux platform multiple times.
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