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Posted on August 20, 2010

JxBrowser 2.4

New features

  • IE engine supports JDK 64-bit on Windows;
  • Mozilla engine supports JDK 64-bit on Linux;
  • Safari engine supports JDK 64-bit on Mac OS X;
  • Added Proxy functionality for IE and Mozilla engines;
  • Added support for Mozilla engine;
  • Added support of custom XULRunner directory extraction path for Mozilla engine.


  • Added focus support for Mozilla engine;
  • Added the DialogParams.getBrowser method;
  • Added the NewWindowParams.getParent method;
  • Implemented loginRequested handler in DefaultPromptService;
  • Added support for Flash Player 10 into IE engine.

Resolved issues

Mozilla engine

  • HTTPS web page with invalid certificate are displayed correctly now;
  • Problem with focus after closing popup window on Linux and Mac OS X platforms is resolved;
  • The Browser.executeScript method does not fail when Browser is closed from JavaScript;
  • The Browser.waitReady method now works correctly after Browser.setContent;
  • Now Navigation method works for local PDF file;
  • Swing popup menu will be closed when user clicks on Mozilla Browser component.

Known limitations

  • Proxy functionality doesn’t work for IE engine on JDK 64-bit.
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