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Posted on February 21, 2019

JxBrowser 6.23

We are glad to announce the release of the new JxBrowser 6.23!

Time-saving: allowing you to print on any device with a single driver, and reducing pre-launch setup on Linux.

Better-performing: displaying the web pages precisely as conceived by the maker, and working reliably in medical diagnostics environments.

More secure: allowing you to forbid automatic data sharing with Google servers, and launch JxBrowser under Java Security Manager with required access levels.

Here is the detailed inventory of the new opportunities:

Chromium 69

In this JxBrowser release we decided to go for Chromium version 69.0.3497.12, since this build provides a range of much needed benefits:

  • It makes running JxBrowser on Linux easier as the libgconf system library is not a required library for Chromium anymore. So long to manual pre-launch installation!
  • It makes printing setup faster. Starting with this version Chromium got compatible with “Xerox global Print Driver PS”. This universal printer driver lets you print to virtually any printer available, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • It displays the web pages as expected with zoom level != 100%, which was the issue in some previous Chromium builds.
  • It initializes as expected and works reliably in the medical diagnostics environments where the Software EEG Neurofax is installed.
  • It opens large JavaScript files without having debugging connection in DevTools closed.
  • It supports MP3 audio.

Disabling Chromium traffic

Starting with this version you can disable Google traffic and prevent the Chromium engine from sending any data to a range of external Google web servers.

By default, Chromium may access the following Google domains to communicate with Google static or API servers:

  • (for autofill form data)
  • (for “Safe browsing” functionality)
  • (for downloading Hunspell dictionaries on Windows and Linux).

This behavior might not be acceptable for a software used in the companies with high security standards.

To disable Google traffic to these servers, please set the --disable-google-traffic Chromium switcher before creating the first Browser instance in your application. For example:

Browser browser = new Browser();


  • This version no longer triggers Windows Audit Failures. The issue was caused by Chromium calling the LogonUser() function from Windows API, and passing an empty password to it. We resolved the issue by disabling functionality that tries to log on using an empty password. This change does not affect any other Chromium functionality.
  • JxBrowser now uses absolute paths when executing the terminal commands such as ps, ln on Linux and macOS. With this security enhancement the library can be used under the Java Security Manager without providing <<ALL FILES>> execute permission.

Fixed issues

  • The JavaScript Java Bridge is now restored correctly in case of an unexpected Main Chromium process termination. In order to do this JxBrowser detects an unexpected Main Chromium process termination, updates the internal state of the Java objects, and notifies the client code that the Browser instances running in the terminated process have been disposed.
  • PDF Viewer, file downloads, and the default zoom level functionality are now working properly in the Incognito mode.

Write us at to download JxBrowser 6.23.

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