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Posted on March 16, 2020

JxBrowser 6.24.3

We are glad to announce a minor update of JxBrowser 6 with important fixes and improvements.


  • Include a 32-bit version of the awt_helper.dll library into the Chromium binaries for Windows platform to allow running JxBrowser 6 on Adopt OpenJDK 11 and higher.
  • Now the spell checker’s Dictionaries directory is created in the user data directory instead of the directory where the Chromium binaries were extracted. Very often Java application does not have rights to create the files in the directory where the Chromium binaries were extracted, so the spell checker functionality did not work properly in such a case.

Fixed issues

  • The match case search is not working when finding text inside a PDF document displayed in the default PDF Viewer.
  • The rendering issues in the lightweight rendering mode when Swing BrowserView is embedded into a foreground tab of JTabbedPane.
  • Crash in the Chromium render process when the LoadHandler.OnLoad() method returns true. As a result, returning true does not cancel the appropriate network requests.
  • The LoadHandler.OnLoad() method never gets hit for a redirect in IFRAME for some websites.
  • The ProtocolHandler does not intercept the *.webm resources loading when BrowserContext is configured to use StorageType.MEMORY.
  • Now, the Environment.isSupported() returns false for macOS 10.9 since we dropped support of this environment in the previous versions.

Write us at to download JxBrowser 6.24.3.

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