Posted on October 5, 2020

JxBrowser 7.11

In this update we introduce support of Amazon Corretto and AdoptOpenJDK 8 and 11, extend the JavaScript-Java Bridge API with the possibility to access Java fields from JavaScript, improve stability and fix the reported issues.

Amazon Corretto and AdoptOpenJDK

Use JxBrowser with Amazon Corretto and AdoptOpenJDK 8 and 11 on Windows, macOS, and Linux with all supported UI toolkits such as Swing, JavaFX, and SWT.

Read more about all supported JDKs and platforms.

Accessing Java fields from JavaScript

Access the public fields of a Java object injected into JavaScript through the JavaScript-Java Bridge API.

The JavaScript-Java Bridge API allows injecting Java objects into JavaScript and calling their public methods annotated with @JsAccessible. Now, you can access the public fields as well by making them accessible from JavaScript via the @JsAccessible annotation. For example:

public class JavaObject {
    public String accessibleField;
JsObject window = frame.executeJavaScript("window");
window.putProperty("java", new JavaObject());

Now you can access and modify the value of the accessible field from JavaScript: = "My value";


  • The BrowserView re-parenting is properly handled in SWT in the hardware accelerated rendering mode now.
  • The library detects when parent Composite of BrowserView has been shown/hidden in Eclipse RCP in the hardware accelerated rendering mode.
  • All references to the Swing classes in the JavaFX BrowserView implementation have been removed.
  • The Hunspell dictionaries on Windows and Linux will not be downloaded if spell checking is disabled.

Fixed issues

  • BrowserView in Eclipse tabs overlapping other tabs in the hardware accelerated rendering mode on Windows.
  • The RequestCompleted and RequestDestroyed events fired when URL request has not started because it was canceled in LoadResourceCallback.
  • Blurred custom cursors on Windows in the off-screen rendering mode.
  • The public methods marked with @JsAccessible called twice when closing Browser.
  • The SWT Print Preview dialog not displayed in the off-screen rendering mode on macOS.
  • The IndexOutOfBoundsException error when closing popup Browser through the window.close() JavaScript function.
  • The IllegalStateException error in BrowserView during closing its Browser instance in the hardware accelerated rendering mode.
  • JavaFX BrowserView overlapping content when it’s embedded into a TabPane in the hardware accelerated rendering mode on macOS.
  • The random black rectangles flickering inside BrowserView when it has been shown on Windows.
  • The random black and white rectangles flickering inside BrowserView instead of a web page on Windows in off-screen mode.
  • Flickering on every repaint when Swing BrowserView is embedded into an AWT container on Windows in off-screen mode.
  • Unexpected Chromium termination with exit code 139 on Linux when closing Engine.
  • Crash when typing text in an input field on a web page when Chromium traffic is disabled on Linux and Windows.
  • Crash when loading about:blank right after loading an invalid URL.
  • Crash when closing popup in hardware accelerated on Windows and Linux.
  • BrowserView in the off-screen rendering mode not handling focus properly if a web page contains IFRAME that displays a web page with an input field that is hosted on another domain and the focus was requested during the page loading. In this case, when you clicked on the input field you could type into it, however, the cursor did not appear.
  • Wrong DisplayId when closing minimized SWT BrowserView inside Eclipse RCP on Windows in the hardware accelerated rendering mode.
  • Wrong SWT BrowserView location inside Shell on Linux in the hardware accelerated rendering mode.
  • Deadlock when closing Engine from BrowserClosed.
  • The SetWindowDisplayAffinity function not able to be applied to the Java window with embedded BrowserView in the hardware accelerated rendering mode on Windows.
  • The keyboard focus staying inside Swing BrowserView after Tab or Shift+Tab in hardware accelerated mode.
  • Freeze on System.exit(0).
  • Failure to print a PDF document loaded in IFRAME.

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