Posted on March 31, 2021

JxBrowser 7.14

Good news everyone! A new version is available for download. In this version the Chromium engine has been upgraded to version 89.

Chromium 89

Chromium has been updated to version 89.0.4389.90.

This Chromium version includes several important security fixes, so we recommend that you upgrade your JxBrowser to v7.14.

Flash EOL

Chromium does not support Flash anymore. All the Flash-related functionality is removed from its source code. In this version we remove the following Flash-related API too:

  • EngineOptions.ppapiFlashPath()
  • EngineOptions.ppapiFlashVersion()
  • EngineOptions.Builder.ppapiFlashPath(Path ppapiFlashPath)
  • EngineOptions.Builder.ppapiFlashVersion(String ppapiFlashVersion)


  • Rectangular shape of BrowserView is now enforced on Linux in both rendering modes. In the previous versions BrowserView had rounded corners.
  • The number of Chromium processes when instantiating an Engine instance is reduced. In the previous version, Chromium launched 7 processes: Main, GPU, 2x Utility, 3x Renderer. Now only 4 processes are launched: Main, GPU, Utility, Renderer.
  • It got possible to create HAR files in DevTools.
  • Chromium traffic to the local network IPs has been disabled. We figured out that even when Chromium traffic is disabled, Chromium still sends request to URLs such as URLs or These URLs are related to the Media Router feature used by Chromium to discover media devices it can cast to. Since the library doesn’t support casting to the media devices, we disabled this feature to suppress such URL requests.
  • Always return focus to JavaFX when closing BrowserView.

Fixed issues

  • GPU crash on Linux in the off-screen rendering mode.
  • GPU crash on Windows and Linux in the hardware accelerated rendering mode when displaying HTML tooltips.
  • The InvalidProtocolBufferException error when BeforeSendUploadDataCallback.Params.uploadData() has non-UTF-8 text. Now, if the upload data has non-UTF-8 text, the data is treated as
  • Wrong scaling after hiding and showing BrowserView on a secondary display with scale factor different than the primary display on Windows.
  • Flickering when adding/removing BrowserView from a JavaFX SplitPane in the hardware accelerated rendering mode on Windows.
  • Popup window reducing its size when resized.
  • The web page not loaded because of the SSL handshake failure when navigating to a certain HTTPS URL.
  • Broken jQuery file drag and drop in the off-screen rendering mode.
  • The FocusGained event not fired on macOS.
  • Chromium binaries verification failing with permission error on Linux.
  • The default spell checker context menu not being closed when clicking outside it on Windows.
  • The read/write permissions for JavaScript Clipboard API not being granted.
  • Broken Chromium Win32 binaries verification.
  • Crash on web pages with text input during spell checker initialization.

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