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Posted on February 16, 2022

JxBrowser 7.22

In this update we enabled IME in the off-screen rendering mode and fixed several important issues.

IME in off-screen

Now, you can enter text in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. using IME in the off-screen rendering mode on Windows, macOS, and Linux in your Java Swing, JavaFX, or SWT application.

JxBrowser IME

Quality enhancements

  • Fixed issue when UrlRequest.browser() returns an empty Optional in BeforeUrlRequestCallback for the OPTION requests.
  • Sign the 7zr-mac executable that allows extracting Chromium binaries on macOS in both x64 and Apple Silicon architectures.
  • Fixed issue when Chromium fails to collect printer capabilities due to an internal issue when the given printer name is treated as incorrect.
  • Fixed issue when text/plain appears among the custom D&D data MIME types on macOS and Swing.
  • Fixed crash when printing to PDF while specifying file path as an existing directory on macOS.
  • Fixed crash when interrupting file download while we are still in StartDownloadCallback.

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