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Posted on March 29, 2022

JxBrowser 7.24

In this update we extend the API with functionality that allows you to show/hide the DevTools window, get notifications when Print Preview is opened and closed. We also fixed several important issues.


Show and hide the DevTools window programmatically without configuring Remote Debugging Port:


DevTools will be displayed in a separate window:

DevTools Window

Use the PrintPreviewOpened and PrintPreviewClosed to get notifications when the Print Preview dialog has been opened or closed.

Quality enhancements

  • Fix the issue when JavaFX BrowserView is not displayed when one of its ancestors changed visibility in both rendering modes.
  • Enable the MOVE cursor in the off-screen rendering mode for Swing and JavaFX.
  • Add support of the --disable-print-preview Chromium switch to replace the default Print Preview dialog with the System Print dialog.
  • Fix the issue when Browser.resize() does nothing on Windows in the hardware accelerated rendering mode.
  • Improve the RPC channels bandwidth by using multiple Java threads for each RPC channel instead of a single thread.
  • Fix IllegalStateException when closing JavaFX Scene with BrowserView.
  • Fix crash on focus change on macOS when closing the IME suggestion popup.
  • Fix crash when closing Browser during downloading a file.
  • Improve UX of the default SWT dialogs.
  • Remember the zoom level configurations for domains in the Profile user data storage.
  • Fix InvalidProtocolBufferException when registering InterceptUrlRequestCallback for HTTPS and loading LinkedIn.
  • Save the URL response cookies when intercepting URL requests.
  • Enable support of the JsArray, JsSet, and JsMap types in the @JsAccessible methods.
  • Synchronize the concurrent Chromium binaries extraction between multiple JVMs.

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