Posted on May 5, 2023

JxBrowser 7.32

Chromium 113

We upgraded Chromium to 113.0.5672.63.

This update contains 15 security fixes.

Releasing JS/DOM objects

The lifetime of JavaScript and DOM objects returned by JxBrowser API is bound to the lifetime of the page. We persist these objects in memory as long as the page exists: Chromium will never garbage collect them until the page is unloaded. That causes memory leaks in single-page applications.

In the new version, you can make these objects visible to the garbage collectors:

Element element = document.findElementById("payment-dialog").get();
JsObject jsObject = mainFrame.executeJavaScript("");

// Allow V8 and Blink to release these objects once needed.

Quality enhancements

  • Fixed a memory leak in JavaScript-Java when creating collections.
  • Fixed the issue when the custom SelectColorCallback didn’t work.
  • Fixed incorrect media device discovery.
  • Fixed incorrect browser size after moving to another display in the HiDPI environment.

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