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Posted on May 17, 2024

JxBrowser 7.39.0

Chromium 124.0.6367.221

We upgraded Chromium to a newer version, which introduces security fixes for vulnerabilities that have known exploits:

For the complete list of Chromium fixes and improvements in 124.0.6367.221 please visit the product blog posts for the following versions:

Breaking changes

In this version, we have removed the Scaling.fitToPage() and Scaling.fitToPaper() methods. These methods were only useful when printing a PDF file with a system printer. When printing an HTML page or using the built-in PDF printer, the methods were no-op, confusing developers.

Instead, we introduce a new method, which is available only for printing PDF files with system printers.

Here is how you’d have implemented PrintPdfCallback callback before:

browser.set(PrintPdfCallback.class, (params, tell) -> {
    SystemPrinter<PdfSettings> printer = params.printers().list().get(0);
    PdfSettings settings = printer.printJob().settings();

Here is how PrintPdfCallback should look in JxBrowser 7.39.0:

browser.set(PrintPdfCallback.class, (params, tell) -> {
    SystemPrinter<PdfSettings> printer = params.printers().list().get(0);
    PdfSettings settings = printer.printJob().settings();;

Native keyboard input

In the off-screen rendering mode, any key pressed by a user travels a long way before it reaches the web page. An operating system dispatches the keyboard event to Java UI, which passes it to JxBrowser, which forwards it to Chromium, which delivers it to the web page.

At every stage of this journey, the keyboard event is converted from one data structure to another. And since different keyboard subsystems and their data structures don’t match exactly, the data from the event may be lost or misinterpreted. That means a keyboard interaction in JxBrowser may produce a different JavaScript event than the same interaction in Chromium.

In JxBrowser 7.39.0, we introduce an experimental feature that directly forwards keyboard events from the operating system to Chromium. This way, the JavaScript events generated in JxBrowser should always match those in Chromium.

To activate the feature, use the system property:

System.setProperty("jxbrowser.use.native.keyboard.input", "true");

Please note, that IME doesn’t work in native keyboard input yet.

Quality enhancements

  • Web content is now correctly rendered in TabPane on JavaFX.
  • No duplicated JS objects are passed as parameters to JsFunctionCallback anymore.
  • The only supported scenario for the --force-device-scale-factor Chromium switch is now the off-screen rendering mode in combination with Swing and Java 8.

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