Last updated on April 12, 2024

In the next release

  • Chromium 126

    Upgrade Chromium to version 126 or higher.

In development

  • Widevine on Linux

    Enable Widevine on Linux to allow playing DRM-protected media content.

  • Chrome Extensions

    Allow installing and configuring Chrome extensions.


  • Windows ARM64

    Support the ARM64 architecture on Windows.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

    You can use a computer or mobile device to access files and applications on another computer over the Internet with Chrome Remote Desktop.

Later in 2024

JxBrowser 8.0.0+

Enhancements planned for this major release are listed in the EAP sections below. We do not plan to introduce breaking API changes, keeping this release as much compatible with 7.x.x as possible.

Early Access Program (EAP)


  • Java 17 as the minimum required JVM version.
  • Add Kotlin DSL for working with JxBrowser API.
  • Compose Desktop as a new supported UI toolkit@Composable BrowserView component, improvements to focus, keyboard, mouse, and touch support, dark/light mode, desktop notifications, etc.


  • Chrome Extensions — allow installing/uninstalling Google Chrome extensions programmatically.


  • Java-JavaScript bridge — enable seamless communication between Java and JavaScript using Protocol Buffers, to enhance interoperability and data exchange capabilities.

8.0.0 Release, September

The official release of JxBrowser 8.0.0 with all features introduced in the EAP phases.

JxBrowser 7.x.x

We will continue updating version 7.x.x path with Chromium upgrades while working on the new major 8.0.0 version. Also, the 7.x.x will get new Chromium versions within one year after the version 8.0.0 is released.

Apart from Chromium upgrades, the following features are also planned for 7.x.x:

  • Support ARM64 under Windows.
  • Suppress all unexpected network traffic from the Chromium engine.
  • Add support for Linux flavors most popular in China such as Deepin, Kylin, and Tongxin.
  • Enable Widevine on Linux to allow playing DRM-protected media.

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