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发布日期 2008年06月27日

JxBrowser 1.1

New Features and Fixes

  • Updated Mozilla to latest Gecko engine (corresponding to Firefox 3).
  • Functionality to handle profile options created.
  • Added API for search in page.
  • Fixed several issues with printing and print preview support.
  • Added Header/footer options to print settings.
  • Modal JavaScript windows now properly pause the caller’s execution.
  • Fixed problems with accessing certain sites via HTTPS.
  • Added syntax highlighting to source code view.
  • Improved UI integration in Mac OS X version (No more warning messages on startup).
  • Added API to turn off display of images, disable javascript or plugins.
  • Various improvements in demo application.

Known Issues

  • MacOS X support is still in Beta stage.
  • JxBrowser doesn’t support MacOS X running on PowerPC architecture.
  • ‘Print to File’ only works on Linux platform.
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