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发布日期 2008年01月25日

JxBrowser 1.0 Beta 2

New Features

  • Updated Mozilla to Gecko 1.9/Firefox 3 code base.
  • Console service allows to receive notifications about script failures and other page problems.
  • Added API to provide user-defined behavior for different content types.
  • File download support.
  • New API for tracking asynchronous operations.

Fixed Issues

  • Improved stability.
  • Corrected text input on Linux.
  • Demo application improved to show more features of JxBrowser library.
  • Various minor issues addressed.

Important Changes

  • Mozilla-specific classes and interfaces moved to a different package. Classes generated from XPCOM interfaces are now in the package org.mozilla.interfaces, classes specific to Java-XPCOM bridge are in the package org.mozilla.xpcom.
  • Some public API classes in the com.jniwrapper.jxbrowser.event were renamed.

Known Issues

  • Downloads may fail when the download link causes redirection.
  • Printing support is incomplete.
  • PDF support requires an appropriate plugin to be installed. On Linux the installed PDF plugin must be integrated into the bundled XULRunner distribution by putting the appropriate .so file into the plugins directory.
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