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发布日期 2009年07月10日

JxBrowser 1.3

New Features

  • Added method WebBrowser.toImage() for capturing the whole web page to image.
  • Added class CookieManager for cookies management.
  • Added method isLoadingCompleted() that allows determine if entire document loading is completed.


  • Custom implementation of nsPromptService to show message, promt, confirmation and authentication dialogs.
  • WinPack and JNIWrapper updated to the latest official version.
  • Added ability to navigate through page content using TAB button.

Resolved Issues

  • Sun Java 1.6 support (platform: Linux).
  • JxBrowser hangs up when proxy authentication dialog appears (platform: Mac OS X).
  • Duplicated proxy authentication dialogs (platform: All).
  • Low browser performance on sites with rich content (platform: All).
  • Meta redirects do not work (platform: All).
  • Several issues with focus in browser (platform: All).
  • setContentWithContext works unstable when we use it often over a small intervals of time (platform: All).
  • JavaScript alert, confirm and prompt do not stop JS execution (platform: All).
  • Mac Style menu disappears during Xpcom.initialize() or WebBrowserFactory.getInstance().createBrowser()(platform: Mac OS X).
  • Sometime black box appears instead of Browser component (platform:Linux & Mac OS X).
  • Problem with text encoding at some non-English sites (platform: All).
  • Corrected sample code for printing functionality (doc: JxBrowser Programmer’s Guide).
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