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发布日期 2008年12月12日

JxBrowser 1.4

New Features

  • Added possibility to use Firebug Lite - web development evolved inside JxBrowser Demo application.


  • Added ability for custom implementation of browser prompt dialogs such us: JavaScript alert, confirmation, prompt and authentication dialogs.
  • Added ability for blocking of opening a new popup (child) browser windows (pop-up blocker).
  • Added ability to clearing browser cache.
  • Added new API for interaction with native Mozilla XPCOM.
  • Added new function WebBrowser.findNext() that allows searching through the document with defined parameters.

Resolved Issues

  • WebBrowser.setContentWithContext() method hangs on large content (platform: All);
  • Restoring of the minimized window that contains WebBrowser component when navigation is finished;
  • ContentHandler functionality does not work as intended;
  • JxBrowser fails to start correctly first time after system restart (platform: Mac OS X);
  • The setContent() method caused JVM crash when content has a lot of DIV html elements (platform: All);
  • Browser destroying sometimes caused crash of application (platform: Linux);
  • Propagation of DOM key events to AWT/Swing brings to incorrect work of KeyListener-s;
  • Fixed several issues in JxBrowser Demo Application (platform: All).

Software requirements update

  • Linux: GTK+ 2.14 - 2.17 is required for correct work of JxBrowser. It is available in modern Linux distributions such as Fedora Core 10 or Ubuntu 8.10.
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