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发布日期 2010年03月31日

JxBrowser 2.2

New Features

  • Implemented DOM functionality in Safari, Mozilla and Microsoft Internet Explorer engines.
  • Added NavigationStatusCode support for NavigationFinishedEvent.
  • Added UserAgent support in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari engines.
  • Added extended DOM functionality.


  • Added the dialog owner parameter in DialogParams.

Resolved Issues

  • Popup windows don’t work on Linux and Microsoft Windows Vista with Mozilla engine.
  • Dead lock when dispose Browser instance from JavaScript in Microsoft Internet Explorer engine.
  • Flickering issue when add/remove Browser component in Mozilla and Microsoft Internet Explorer engine.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer engine throws the “Requested resource is in use” exception during web page loading.
  • MenuBar/PopupMenu and Context Menu still open when click on Browser component in Microsoft Internet Explorer engine.

Known Limitations

  • Mozilla engine doesn’t display web pages with Flash on Linux.
  • Mozilla engine browser component cannot be added-removed-added into Swing container on Linux platform multiple times with JDK 1.6.
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