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发布日期 2010年06月14日

JxBrowser 2.3


  • Improved Mozilla engine stability for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platform;
  • Updated Mozilla XULRunner to 1.9.2 (Firefox 3.6) version on Linux and Mac OS X platforms;
  • Added HTML5 support in Mozilla engine;
  • Added Tooltip support for Mozilla engine;
  • Made Mozilla the default browser on Mac OS X PPC platform ;
  • Added build version into JxBrowser JAR Manifest.

Resolved Issues

Mozilla Engine

  • Crash of JVM on navigate to web page with Flash content (Linux and Mac OS X);
  • Browser component cannot be added-removed-added into Swing container multiple times with JDK 1.6 (Linux);
  • Browser component hangs on dispose when at least one tooltip is displayed;
  • Crash when display a JavaScript confirmation or prompt dialog (Linux);
  • JavaScript dialogs is not modal (Linux);
  • Browsing to a non existing page does not fire NavigationFinished event;
  • Crash on Ubuntu 9.10 32-bit (Linux);
  • Sometimes JavaScript execution hangs up;
  • The Browser.executeScript method should return only after JavaScript code is executed;
  • JavaScript popup boxes don’t prevent dom events (Linux);
  • Sometimes popup window is not opened;
  • Two JavaScript alerts are displayed through double click (Linux);
  • JavaScript modal dialogs do not work (Mac OS X);
  • NavigationListener doesn’t work properly;
  • Popup windows do not resize correctly;
  • Prompt dialog does not work when it is invoked from browser that can be created by NewWindowManager;
  • Add/remove Mozilla engine Browser component crashes application (Linux);
  • Swing short cuts cause hang up of native message loop (Linux);
  • The Browser.setContent doesn’t render html content without meta tag;
  • The target window parameter doesn’t work;

IE Engine

  • Incorrect work of SilentPromptService;
  • The Browser.toImage method return a corrupted image;
  • Fail on close after displaying PDF document.

Known Limitations

  • Mozilla engine on Linux platform supports JDK 1.6.0_12 or newer;
  • Sometimes Mozilla engine browser component cannot get focus.
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