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发布日期 2010年10月26日

JxBrowser 2.5

New Features

  • Cookie management functionality for Mozilla engine
  • Ability to set a custom user-agent string for Mozilla engine
  • Ability to set the path to Mozilla FireFox plugin directory.

Resolved Issues

Mozilla Engine:

  • The KeyboardFocusManager now receives notification when Browser component receives the focus;
  • The default address for a web page that was set using the Browser.setContent method now is ‘about:blank’ instead of ‘http://localhost’;
  • XULRunner 32 & 64-bit do not override each other during extraction on Linux platform now;
  • Tooltips are displayed correctly now, without stealing focus in the currently active UI component;
  • The Browser.setContent method can now be invoked in AWT event dispatch thread;
  • The baseURI parameter in Browser.setContent method now works as expected;
  • JInternalFrame will be selected when a user clicks on a Browser component which is embedded in JInternalFrame or pass the focus to Browser component programatically;
  • StatusListener supports situation when status text is changed from JavaScript.

Safari Engine

  • The NewWindowParams provides the right popup bounds;
  • The File chooser dialog will be displayed for the INPUT TYPE=’FILE’ HTML element;
  • Shortcuts don’t cause Safari engine to crash;
  • JavaScript execution now works well in Safari engine.

IE Engine

  • Popup windows are not blinking on Windows XP 64-bit anymore.

Known Limitations

  • Proxy functionality doesn’t work for IE engine on JDK 64-bit;
  • Opening a web page that contains Flash on Mac OS X in Safari and Mozilla engines at the same time will cause a JVM crash;
  • Displaying JavaScript Alert through Browser.executeScript in Safari engine causes a JVM crash.
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