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发布日期 2011年01月27日

JxBrowser 2.7

New features

  • Added DOM events support for IE, Mozilla and Safari.
  • Added the “No Proxy For” option in Proxy API for Mozilla.
  • Added Mouse & Keyboard listener support for Safari.
  • Added Request & Response events handling functionality in Mozilla.

Resolved issues


  • Refresh after setContent doesn’t cause browser navigate to localhost now.
  • POST response of Servlet with file will now be saved correctly.
  • Mozilla now doesn’t have a non-daemon thread that would not allow a program to exit.
  • The DOMDocument.getHorizontalScrollPosition methods doesn’t throw NumberFormatException.
  • The Browser.navigate method with POST data works correctly now.


  • Displaying JavaScript Alert through Browser.executeScript doesn’t cause a JVM crash now.
  • Execution of JavaScript doesn’t cause a JVM crash.


  • The Node.appendChild method doesn’t throw ClassCastException.
  • JNIWrapper 3.8.2 doesn’t cause NPE in NetBeans.
  • The Element.getAttribute method supports the ‘onclick’ attribute.

Known limitations

  • Proxy functionality doesn’t work for IE engine on JDK 64-bit.
  • Opening a web page that contains Flash on Mac OS X in both Safari and Mozilla engines at the same time will cause a JVM crash.
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