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发布日期 2011年09月16日

JxBrowser 2.9.1

New features

  • Added support of Mac 10.7 Lion (Safari engine);
  • Added support of Mac 10.7 Lion & JVM 64-bit 32 bit mode environment (Mozilla engine);
  • Added functionality that allows receiving URL of HTTP request/response in HTTP Observer (Mozilla engine);
  • Enable GPU rendering by default (IE engine);

Resolved issues


  • ProgressChangeListener now receives correct current/max progress value;
  • Browser.goBack method now works in popup windows;
  • Repaired behavior of focus traversal in browser component for Windows platforms;
  • Node.isEqualNode and Node.isSameNode methods are supported;
  • Fixed some methods with scrolling functionality in DOMDocument.


  • It’s now possible to navigate on web page when Automatically Detect Proxy Settings flag checked;
  • Fixed issue when a browser could not initialize on 64-bit OS via JWS;
  • It’s now possible to read Internet Explorer version on Win XP SP 3;
  • StatusListener works after invoking Browser.setContent when status changing via javascript.


  • Improved stability of toImage function and Browser.dispose method.
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