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发布日期 2011年07月22日

JxBrowser 2.9

New features

  • Added support of Mac 10.5.8 & JVM 64-bit environment (Safari engine);
  • Added functionality that allows providing path to a profile directory (Mozilla engine);
  • Proxy functionality supports SSL server type (IE engine);
  • Added support of PDF plugin on Mac OS X (Mozilla engine);
  • Added support of Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit (Mozilla engine);
  • Added support of Fedora 14 64-bit (Mozilla engine).

Resolved issues


  • It’s possible now to set focus into a text field on a web page on Linux;
  • The DOMElement.getText method now returns correct value;
  • Navigate with POST data works without performance issue;
  • The BrowserType.Mozilla.isSupported returns false for JRE 64-bit on Windows as expected;
  • Download functionality is now working;
  • Supported Java keyboard shorcuts.


  • Mouse listener works after invoking Browser.setContent method;
  • Fixed NPE when a Document is transformed using TransformerFactory;
  • Proxy functionality now works with JVM 64-bit.


  • Key event fired from JavaScript does not cause a crash anymore;
  • Resolved a crash that happened durring navigation on some web pages;
  • Keyboard typing works on Flash content now.
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