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发布日期 2012年02月27日

JxBrowser 3.0

New features

  • JavaScript-Java-JavaScript Bridge for IE, Mozilla & Safari;
  • Mozilla support for web pages with Java Applet on Windows;
  • Cache Storage in IE & Mozilla;
  • New URL parameter in the NewWindowParams class that works for IE;
  • IE DOM API support for W3C interfaces;
  • Mozilla support for Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit platform;
  • Mozilla support for JVM 7+ on Linux;
  • Print functionality in Mozilla on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.



  • Improved stability of the Browser component behavior when it’s resized;
  • Improved the HttpCookieStorage.getCookies(String url) method in Mozilla;
  • Improved focus traversal functionality in JInternalFrame.


  • Improved suppressing pop-up windows functionality;
  • Improved focus traversal functionality;
  • Improved focus traversal functionality in JInternalFrame;
  • Improved stability of the StatusListener for the case when content was set using the Browser.setContent(String content) method;
  • Improved stability when creating Browser instance in a loop;
  • Optimized memory usage when creating and disposing Browser instance;
  • Resolved NumberFormatException issue when JavaScript Error dialog is displayed in IE.

Other Changes

  • MozillaGlue.jar and tuxpack.jar libraries are moved into engine-gecko.jar;
  • Updated XULRunner library for all supported platforms to add JavaScript-Java Bridge support.
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