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发布日期 2012年10月31日

JxBrowser 3.2

New features

  • Added JDK 1.7 support on Mac OS X for Safari;
  • Added zoom functionality for Mozilla, Mozilla15 and IE;
  • Added find text functionality for Mozilla and Mozilla15;
  • Added ability to set “Display mixed content” security setting for IE;
  • Added support of Ubuntu 12.04 for Mozilla.


  • Improved AWT keyboard events dispatching for Mozilla, Mozilla15 and IE. Browser component does not dispatch all keyboard events to Swing anymore.
  • Improved behavior when child window navigates to a web page with unsupported mime type for Mozilla and Mozilla15.
  • Improved the Browser.executeScript() method. Added support of script code that contains ‘ and ” symbols.
  • Added support of DocumentEvent W3C DOM interface for Mozilla and Mozilla15.
  • Fixed issue when JxBrowser cannot find native libraries in OSGi environment.


  • Improved default behavior of File Download functionality. Now JFileChooser dialog is used to prompt a user instead of automatically saving file to a default directory;
  • Improved focus functionality. Browser component fires FocusEvent when component gains the focus by clicking on it;
  • Fixed issue when a user could not select element in HTMLSelectElement on a web page manually using a mouse;
  • Added support of clipboard keystrokes;
  • Restored download functionality on Mac OS X in 32-bit mode;
  • Improved memory usage in DOM functionality.


  • Added support of Flash plugin on Linux;
  • Fixed NullPointerException in DefaultNewWindowManager.


  • Added the headers parameter to the IEBrowser.navigate() method;
  • Added support of the DOMElement.blur() and DOMElement.focus() methods;
  • Fixed issue when Browser component does not fire ALT key events;
  • Fixed issue when child window does not receive re-size events;
  • Fixed issue when Google web page does not receive focus automatically;
  • Fixed issue when the Browser.setContent() method throws OutOfMemory exception.


  • Added support of focus transferring via Tab and Shift+Tab;
  • Fixed issue when the Browser.executeScript() method crashes JVM.
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