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发布日期 2013年07月10日

JxBrowser 4.0 Beta 2

It has been a month since we released the first public Beta of JxBrowser 4. Today we are glad to announce an update to JxBrowser 4 Beta that now supports Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.8 platforms.

  • In addition to Mac OS X support we have also introduced new features to JxBrowser Public API:
  • Added new methods to the Browser interface such as loadHTML(String html), loadHTML(int frameId, String html), loadHTML(LoadHTMLParams params), loadHTML(int frameId, LoadHTMLParams params), loadData(LoadDataParams params), getHTML() etc. Now you have a flexible way to load any string that represents HTML content or binaries data directly into Browser component and display it.
  • Added ContextMenuHandler that you can use to display context menu. New version of ContextMenuHandler interface provides more context menu parameters such as media type, link URL, link text, image source URL, page URL, frame URl, frame charset, selection text etc.
  • Added DownloadHandler, so you can handle all file downloads.
  • Added DialogHandler that allows handling JavaScript dialogs such as Alert, Confirm and Prompt.
  • New Zoom API is introduced. In addition to standard set/get zoom level methods you can now listen to zoom change events using ZoomListener. We also added new methods such as zoomIn(), zoomOut() and zoomReset().
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