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发布日期 2014年08月07日

JxBrowser 4.5

JxBrowser 4.5 contains the following features and improvements.

  • Chromium engine has been upgraded to version 38.
  • Support of PDF Viewer has been implemented.
  • Stability in multi-threaded environment has been improved.
  • Support of --enable-file-cookies switcher has been added. This switcher allows enabling cookies for local web pages.
  • Plugin Manager API has been added.
  • XPath API has been added.
  • The DOMElement.setInnerHTML(String html) method has been added.
  • The Browser.getSelectedText() method has been added.
  • Support of Space and Enter in combo box has been implemented.
  • Support of Retina displays in HTMLToImageSample has been added.
  • Fixed incorrect painting in combo box popup menu.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when capture POST data.
  • Fixed incorrect painting when create several Browser instances.
  • Fixed issue when empty class in chromium JAR file causes an error in analysis tool.
  • Fixed wrong length of the string with accented characters in JavaScript to Java Bridge.
  • Fixed issue when BrowserPreferences cannot be applied on the fly.
  • Fixed issue when Silverlight text fields ignores Ctrl and Shift key strokes.

Write us at to download JxBrowser 4.5.

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