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发布日期 2015年07月27日

JxBrowser 5.4

JxBrowser 5.4 contains the following fixes and improvements.

  • Support of Speech Synthesis has been added.
  • Support of HTML5 FullScreen feature has been implemented.
  • Support of HIDPI displays on Windows 8 and higher has been implemented.
  • Support of Adobe Flash PPAPI has been added. PPAPI is used by default from now.
  • Support of WebSocket Cookies has been implemented.
  • Support of headers parameter in the LoadURLParams class has been added.
  • CPU and memory usage on Windows, Mac and Linux has been decreased.
  • Memory usage when open/close drop down menu on web page has been improved.
  • Memory usage when create/dispose Browser instance has been improved.
  • Stability on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2012 has been improved.
  • Fixed the “DLL is being used by another process” error message in Java Applets.
  • Fixed issue with pending jxbrowser-chromium.exe processes on Windows.
  • Fixed issue with wrong key codes in JavaFX environment.
  • Fixed issue with wrong mouse location in Flash.
  • Fixed issue when keyboard does not work in Flash on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed issue when it’s not possible to close Flash Settings dialog.

Write us at to download JxBrowser 5.4.

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