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发布日期 2015年12月29日

JxBrowser 6.0.1

JxBrowser 6.0.1 contains the following fixes and improvements.

  • Support of PPAPI Flash plugin has been added [heavyweight, lightweight, swing, javafx, mac].
  • Support of HiDPI monitors has been improved [heavyweight, swing, javafx, windows].
  • PPAPI Flash context menu has been implemented [heavyweight, lightweight, swing, javafx, windows, mac].
  • Support of Java Swing key binding system has been added [heavyweight, swing, windows, mac, linux].
  • Support of “jxbrowser.dmp.dir” System Property has been added. This property allows configuring path to the directory where generated crash dump files will be stored [windows].
  • Fixed issue with wrong key codes [lightweight, swing, mac].
  • Fixed issue when Chromium prints log messages into Java console even when logging is disabled [mac].
  • Fixed crash in Flash video full screen mode [heavyweight, javafx, swing, windows].
  • Fixed crash in clear cache functionality [windows].

Write us at to download JxBrowser 6.0.1.

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