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发布日期 2016年08月01日

JxBrowser 6.5.1

In this minor update we fixed several critical issues reported by our customers.

  • Startup error on Mac OS X with Portuguese or Chinese locale. When Mac OS X language is set to Portuguese or Chinese, JxBrowser fails to start because Chromium cannot find the appropriate language pack. The reason of this issue is that Java detects the language as “PT” or “ZH”, but Chromium does not have appropriate packs for these languages. It only has the “PT_BR”, “PT_PT”, “ZH_CH”, and “ZH_TW” packs. So, the language identifier that is received from Java default locale must be combined with country identifier in case of Portuguese and Chinese language. So this is what we did to improve the functionality in JxBrowser that detects current language and country to get rid of such issues on Mac OS X.
  • Deadlock in multi-threaded environment on Windows XP and Mac OS X. In multi-threaded environment, when Browser instances are created and destroyed in different threads at the same time, sometimes thread deadlock happens. We reproduced the issue, figured out what causes it and fixed it in this minor update. So, stability of the library in multi-threaded environment on Windows and Mac OS X has been significantly improved.

Write us at to download JxBrowser 6.5.1.

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