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发布日期 2016年11月17日

JxBrowser 6.8

Version 6.8 includes quite a number of the new features and improvements.

  • HTML5 Desktop Notifications API. Now you can handle situation when a web page wants to display desktop notifications. You decide whether the web page is allowed to display notifications or not. By default desktop notifications are suppressed.
  • Incognito mode. By default each Browser instance stores all user data such as history, cookies, cache on disk. Starting from version 6.8 you can configure Browser instance to store all user data in memory (Chromium’s “ Incognito” mode), so that all user data will be cleared once your Java application is terminated.
  • Voice recognition. This functionality is used in Google’s search by voice. By default voice recognition functionality is enabled, but it requires that Chromium Speech API key is enabled. So, you must provide Google API key to enable search by voice functionality in JxBrowser.
  • The Browser.getRenderProcessInfo() method. It returns information about Chromium render process associated with the current Browser instance. You can use this functionality to get process ID of Chromium render process associated with the Browser instance.
  • HTTP server whitelist functionality.
  • The BrowserView.forwardKeyEvent() method for JavaFX and Swing implementations. This method allows programmatically forward keyboard events to the currently loaded web page.
  • The Environment.isSupported() method. It allows checking whether current environment is supported by JxBrowser or not.
  • JavaScript – Java Bridge API has been extended with functionality that allows obtaining Java object from JSValue, if JSValue represents a JavaScript wrapper for Java object.
  • JavaScript – Java Bridge API has been extended with functionality that allows configuring what public fields/methods of the injected Java object are accessible from JavaScript and what fields/methods are not.
  • Functionality that allows taking screenshots of the entire web page has been improved. There was a limitation in Chromium engine related to maximum texture height of the Browser surface where the web page’s content is rendered. If the texture height exceeds the maximum value (16384), Chromium engine fills the rest of the web page with black color. Now you can configure the maximum texture height programmatically depending on your requirements.
  • Support of the file extension filter in the File Save dialog has been added in the com.teamdev.jxbrowser.chromium.javafx.DefaultDownloadHandler implementation.

This update also contains fixes for the following issues:

  • The issue with pending jxbrowser-helper processes when terminating JVM on macOS.
  • The crash when loading PDF document several times in a row.
  • The focus is not restored when Scene is added back to Stage issue.
  • The focus does not work in JavaFX TabPane issue.
  • The issue when IllegalStateException is thrown during processing callbacks during disposing Browser instance.
  • The memory leak when disposing Browser instance.

Write us at to download JxBrowser 6.8.

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