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发布日期 2017年06月12日

JxBrowser 6.14.1


We improved the Chromium binaries extraction logic. Now, we use native 7z instruments to compress/decompress Chromium binaries shipped inside JxBrowser JARs for different platforms. It sufficiently decreases the first run initialization time.


The following misfunctions are corrected in this update:

Issues with:

  • wrong scaling in JavaFX lightweight rendering mode on Windows 7 with DPI greater than 100% and enabled Windows Aero.
  • black line blinking in heavyweight rendering mode on Linux.
  • DOMElement.getBoundingClientRect() method returning wrong Y coordinate.
  • printing SVG content.
  • printing web page on a paper with A5 format.


  • in Chromium engine when loading PDF document from a local file in lightweight rendering mode.
  • in Chromium engine when calling the CacheStorage.clearCache() method.
  • in Chromium engine when closing JavaFX window with loaded PDF document.
  • in Chromium engine when hiding JavaFX popup window in heavyweight rendering mode.
  • in JVM due to an error in JNI code when calling the Event.reset() method.
  • In JVM: the “Fatal error: Illegal threadstate encountered”.


  • when opening window from Console via Remote Debugging Port.
  • when opening JavaFX popup window on macOS in heavyweight rendering mode.
  • when using drag and drop on Linux in lightweight rendering mode.

Memory leaks:

  • in JavaFX BrowserView.
  • on disposing Browser instance in JavaFX applications.
  • the memory load on reloading web page.

Write us at to download JxBrowser 6.14.1.

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