August 4, 2023

Create Molybden App 1.0.1: new project template for converting websites to desktop apps

The official Molybden project scaffolding tool has been extended with a new project template.

Molybden allows you to easily generate a new Molybden project using the following command:

npm create molybden-app@latest

This command will install and execute create-molybden-app, the official Molybden project scaffolding tool. You will be presented with prompts for your project/application name, the preferred frontend framework and language for creating application user interface.

We extended this tool with one more project template that allows you to simply type the URL of your website and get a Molybden app that will open this website in a native window you can customize and extend with a custom logic.

Let’s create a desktop client app for ChatGPT that works on Windows, macOS, and Linux:

Create Molybden project for a website

Once you generate the project, install dependencies and run the app, you will get a native desktop app that opens ChatGPT:

ChatGPT desktop app login

Login to your account (Google sign-in is supported) and start chatting with the AI:

ChatGPT desktop app

ChatGPT desktop app chat

That’s it. Now, you can build and package the app for distribution and deliver it to your users:

npm create molybden build

Enjoy converting websites to desktop apps with Molybden!

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