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Slow startup

DotNetBrowser startup consists of many actions. If DotNetBrowser runs in the environment for the first time, it extracts Chromium binaries into a predefined directory. If the binaries are compatible with this version of DotNetBrowser, it runs the Chromium Main process and sets up the IPC connection between .NET and the Chromium Main process.

The startup time depends on the environment, the hardware performance, and the installed antivirus software. For example, if you run DotNetBrowser for the first time on Windows 10, 64-bit without antivirus software, i7/16GB RAM/512GB SSD hardware, the startup time is approximately 2-3 seconds. Every next run will take approximately 1 second since Chromium binaries are already extracted, and DotNetBrowser does not extract them again.

If you see that the DotNetBrowser startup is really slow in your environment, try disabling the antivirus software.

You can also check the system proxy settings in your environment - DotNetBrowser uses the system proxy settings by default, and the system proxy configuration can cause the slowdown.

If it does not help, enable logging, reproduce the issue, and submit a ticket with the collected log messages and the details about your hardware.

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