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发布日期 2015年04月06日

DotNetBrowser 1.0

DotNetBrowser is a .NET Library that allows embedding Chromium-based component into .NET applications to display modern web pages built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc.

DotNetBrowser provides WPF component that you can embed into WPF Desktop Application to display web pages. HTML content is rendered by Chromium engine. The component displays graphics that is rendered by Chromium engine in separate process. The library supports Chromium’s Multi-Process Architecture. There are no differences in web page rendering between DotNetBrowser and Google Chrome. The web page will look exactly as in Google Chrome.

The library is available for download.

We recommend that you check out our Quick Start Guide that shows how to download the library, use it in MS Visual Studio 2013 Project, obtains and enable the license, create and run .NET WPF application embedded Browser component that displays web pages. Also, you can take a look at online samples.

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