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发布日期 2019年04月20日

DotNetBrowser 1.20

This version allows you to:

  • Display web pages more accurately, play MP3 audio, and easily set up printing across devices with new Chromium.
  • Protect your application from security breaches with fix to CVE-2019-5786 Chrome vulnerability
  • Simulate complex real-life user interactions with key modifiers for simulated mouse events.
  • Timely track down errors of proxy in Chromium.
  • Define current Chromium version used in your application.

Chromium 69

The Chromium engine has been upgraded to version 69.0.3497.12. Here are a few of its helpful features:

  • It makes printing setup faster. Starting with this version Chromium got compatible with “Xerox global Print Driver PS”. This universal printer driver lets you print to virtually any printer available, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • It displays the web pages as expected with zoom level != 100%, which was the issue in some previous Chromium builds.
  • It initializes as expected and works reliably in the medical diagnostics environments where the Software EEG Neurofax is installed.
  • It opens large JavaScript files without having debugging connection in DevTools closed.
  • It supports MP3 audio.

Fix for Chrome 0-day vulnerability (CVE-2019-5786)

This month Google received a 0-day vulnerability (CVE-2019-5786) affecting Google Chrome. We have included the patch for the issue into this release, and strongly recommend you updating DotNetBrowser in all of your projects in order to protect yourself from possible security breaches.

Modifiers for Mouse Events

This release widens your options to simulate complex mouse events, close to real-life user behavior. This might be particularly handy if you use DotNetBrowser for unit testing, emulation on touch devices, etc. Now you can pass key modifiers like Shift single left-click for simulated mouse events.

The following methods were overloaded:

  • Browser.MouseMove
  • IInputSimulator.SimulateMouseMoveEvent
  • IInputSimulator.SimulateMouseButtonEvent
  • IInputSimulator.SimulateMouseWheelEvent


In order to track down Chromium proxy resolver failing to parse a PAC script file to extract proxy settings, please use the new NetworkDelegate.OnPacScriptError method.


If you need to know the version of Chromium currently embedded in your DotNetBrowser, please use the BrowserPreferences.ChromiumVersion property to obtain the string with version details.

Fixed Issues:

  • The XPathResult iterator skipping the results during the iteration loop.
  • The crash when embedding the DotNetBrowser control into a VisualStudio extension while using the WPFBrowserView instance in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • The update of the Form.ShowInTaskbar property causing multiple subscriptions to the Form events when using the WinFormsBrowserView instance in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • The BrowserContextParams.DefaultZoomLevel property not working in the Incognito mode.
  • The DownloadItem.Pause(), DownloadItem.Resume() and DownloadItem.Cancel() methods not working in the Incognito mode.
  • PDF files not being loaded in the Incognito mode.
  • The conversion issue in the JavaScript-.Net Bridge.
  • The memory leak on the .Net side.
  • The autofill issue when the suggested item cannot be selected in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • PermissionHandler not being invoked for audio capture permission type.

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