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发布日期 2016年12月19日

DotNetBrowser 1.8.4

New features

  • Desktop notifications and permission request support. Now it is possible to handle the case when a web page wants to display desktop notifications or ask for a permission. You decide whether the web page is allowed to display notifications or not. By default, desktop notifications are suppressed.
  • Ability to get the download interruption reason. If there is an error during download and the download itself was interrupted, it is possible to obtain the interruption reason (file system, network or server errors).
  • Ability to disable and enable zoom for a specific Browser instance to prevent web page from zooming.
  • Ability to force full spell check on the web page.

Improvements in DOM API

  • Get XPath of the DOM element. Now it is possible to obtain the XPath expression that describes the particular DOM element.
  • Get bounding client rectangle of the DOM element. This DOM element property returns the bounds of the element and its position relative to the top-left corner of the current document’s viewport.


  • Fixed an issue in the ResourceHandler. in the previous version, the handler was not working if the network delegate was not configured. Now these two features are working independently.

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