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发布日期 2016年06月07日

DotNetBrowser 1.7

DotNetBrowser 1.7 comes with the following features and improvements:

  • Upgrade to Chromium 49.
  • Update of Printing API. Now regular and PDF printing are handled by the same handler.
  • Improved JavaScript — C# bridge: now it is possible to access .NET objects and invoke their methods as if they were regular JavaScript objects. Please take a look at the migration guide that we have prepared.
  • Improved native process crash handling: now the dumps with information about crash are generated automatically when a process crashes.
  • Brand-new Certificate Validation API.
  • Intorduced frames IDs hierarchy API. Now it is possible to find the IDs of all the child frames for a specific frame.
  • Fix for incorrect rendering on resizing of the lightweight component.

There were some big changes, too. In this Chromium build support of NPAPI plugins has been removed at all. Now, NPAPI plugins such as Microsoft Silverlight, Java Applets, etc. are not supported. The --enable-npapi Chromium switcher doesn’t work either. PPAPI plugins such as Adobe Flash work well with this Chromium build.

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