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发布日期 2018年08月31日

DotNetBrowser 1.17

Summer months were quite fruitful for DotNetBrowser. Here comes several new features:

Default zoom level

It is now possible to set the default zoom level for the BrowserContext instance during its creation. This property allows you to specify the default zoom level for all browsers which use the same context. All pages which are loaded through these Browser instances will have the specified zoom level from the start.

Mouse input simulation

The new version provides an alternative way to simulate mouse input through the Browser instance. You can call the MouseUp, MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseWheel methods directly from the Browser instance.

Upload progress notifications

Now it’s possible to subscribe to the Browser.UploadProgressChanged event and receive notifications about uploading progress.

WinFormsBrowserView layout changing

In DotNetBrowser 1.17, the WinFormsBrowserView.Dock property was set to the DockStyle.None value by default.


  • We have improved the DotNetBrowser performance when the logging is disabled.
  • Made it possible to load URL with specified frame id. See the Browser.LoadURL(frameId, url) method.
  • You can also access the BrowserView.Focused property in the new version.

Fixed issues:

  • DotNetBrowser crashing with the OutOfMemory exception caused by logging.
  • DotNetBrowser crashing if started under an unprivileged user in the Windows Server environments.
  • Incorrect rendering in the lightweight rendering mode with display scaling settings more than 100%.
  • DotNetBrowser in the lightweight rendering mode not forward focusing out of the Browser.
  • Failing to register a new protocol handler due to asynchronous implementation.
  • The ImageProvider.GetImage() hanging during debug.
  • DotNetBrowser crashing during initialization with the inner exception: “Unable to find an entry point named ‘GetDpiForWindow’ in DLL ‘user32.dll’.”
  • Failing to restore focus after minimizing-restoring of the window.
  • The IntelliSense issue related to arguments renaming.
  • The IntelliSense issue with missed Browser properties.
  • WPFBrowserView in heavyweight mode being invisible on startup.

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