Concentrate on developing your application business logic and user interface, the rest will be done by Molybden.

Molybden will help you with all the development steps you will typically go through when developing a cross-platform desktop application.

It provides you with the official project scaffolding tool, a set of project templates and CLI tools for running, building, and packing your application into a native executable for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Development cycle

Here's a list of the development steps and the useful links to the corresponding topics in the documentation we recommend you to read:

Development step References
1 Create a Molybden project.
2 Install dependencies.
3 Develop the application backend.
4 Develop the application frontend.
5 Setup communication between the backend and frontend.
6 Run/debug the application.
7 Prepare the application for code signing and notarization.
8 Customize your application icon, copyright, etc.
9 Build and pack the application into a native executable.