Context Menu

This page describes how to create and show a context menu in the application window.


By default, there’s no context menu (aka. the right-click menu) in the application window. But you can create and show a native context menu that contains both the standard and custom context menu items.

Creating a context menu

When a user right-clicks on the application window, the Browser::onShowContextMenu delegate is called. In this delegate you can create a context menu with the necessary items and show it:

browser->onShowContextMenu = [](const ShowContextMenuArgs& args,
                                ShowContextMenuAction action) {
  auto context_menu = context_menu::Menu({
      // Add context menu items here.

The ShowContextMenuArgs structure contains the information about the element that was right-clicked on. User can right-click on a link, image, text, video, audio, etc. You can use this information to create and show the different context menus for different elements as shown in the following example:

browser->onShowContextMenu = [](const ShowContextMenuArgs& args,
                                ShowContextMenuAction action) {
  ContextMenuItems items;
  // Add menu items for a page. 
  if (args.content_type.is_page) {
  // Add menu items for a link.
  if (args.content_type.is_link) {
  // Add menu items for an image.
  if (args.content_type.is_image) {
  // Always add the following menu items.

  // Show the context menu.;

Standard context menu items

Here’s a list of the helper functions you can use to create the standard context menu items:

Helper function Description
context_menu::Separator() Creates a menu separator.
context_menu::GoBack() Creates the Back menu item.
context_menu::GoForward() Creates the Forward menu item.
context_menu::Reload() Creates the Reload menu item.
context_menu::SavePageAs() Creates the Save Page As… menu item.
context_menu::Print() Creates the Print… menu item.
context_menu::ExitFullScreen() Creates the Exit Fullscreen menu item.
context_menu::SaveLinkAs() Creates the Save Link As… menu item.
context_menu::CopyLinkAddress() Creates the Copy Link Address menu item.
context_menu::CopyEmailAddress() Creates the Copy Email Address menu item.
context_menu::SaveImageAs() Creates the Save Image As… menu item.
context_menu::CopyImageAddress() Creates the Copy Image Address menu item.
context_menu::CopyImage() Creates the Copy Image menu item.
context_menu::SaveAudioAs() Creates the Save Audio As… menu item.
context_menu::CopyAudioLocation() Creates the Copy Audio Location menu item.
context_menu::SaveVideoAs() Creates the Save Video As… menu item.
context_menu::CopyVideoLocation() Creates the Copy Video Location menu item.
context_menu::PictureInPicture() Creates the Picture in Picture menu item.
context_menu::Loop() Creates the Loop menu item.
context_menu::Controls() Creates the Controls menu item.
context_menu::RotateCW() Creates the RotateCW menu item.
context_menu::RotateCCW() Creates the RotateCCW menu item.
context_menu::ReloadFrame() Creates the Reload Frame menu item.
context_menu::ViewFrameSource() Creates the View Frame Source menu item.
context_menu::Undo() Creates the Undo menu item.
context_menu::Redo() Creates the Redo menu item.
context_menu::Cut() Creates the Cut menu item.
context_menu::Copy() Creates the Copy menu item.
context_menu::Paste() Creates the Paste menu item.
context_menu::PasteAndMatchStyle() Creates the Paste and Match Style menu item.
context_menu::SelectAll() Creates the Select All menu item.

Custom context menu items

You can create and add a custom menu and the custom menu items to the context menu. Here’s an example of how to do it:

browser->onShowContextMenu = [](const ShowContextMenuArgs& args,
                                ShowContextMenuAction action) {
  ContextMenuItems custom_menu_items;
      "Custom Menu Item 1",
      [](const CustomContextMenuItemActionArgs& args) {
        args.browser->executeJavaScript("alert('Hello from menu item 1!')");
      "Custom Menu Item 2",
      [](const CustomContextMenuItemActionArgs& args) {
        args.browser->executeJavaScript("alert('Hello from menu item 2!')");
  auto custom_menu = context_menu::Menu("Custom Menu", custom_menu_items);

  ContextMenuItems items;

You will see the following context menu when you right-click on the application window:

Custom context menu

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