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Posted on September 13, 2016

DotNetBrowser 1.8.2

Preparing the new release, we focused on improvements in these areas:

JavaScript – .NET Bridge

  • Implemented C# objects support for JSFunction.Invoke(). In previous versions, only primitive types and DotNetBrowser JS wrappers could be used as parameters. Now it is possible to pass .NET objects as parameters to JavaScript function call.
  • Added JavaScript context events. These events can be used to execute any JavaScript code before the web page JavaScript is executed.

Lightweight rendering mode

  • Simplified embedding for lightweight controls. The previous version allowed embedding lightweight controls from source code only. Now they can be embedded from Toolbox or XAML directly.
  • Enhanced performance for saving web page as image in the lightweight mode.
  • Improved lightweight rendering performance.


  • Now you can attach a single event listener to several DOM events by a single call.
  • Added LINQ support for XPath. Now you can use LINQ expressions to work with nodes returned after evaluating XPath expression.


  • Properties and events of the BrowserView controls are now available in the Designer.
  • Added ability to specify WebRTC IP handling policy. This allows to prevent exposing of the local IP addresses to servers.


  • DotNetBrowser crash when handling custom cursors. This issue was reproducible when the custom cursor is detected in Chromium, but no image provided for it.
  • Several issues in the default context menu implementation.
  • ComboBox auto-close issue, which was reproducible when some popup windows were open.
  • Issue with debugger hanging on public properties evaluation.
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