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Posted on September 20, 2017

DotNetBrowser 1.12

We are happy to announce availability of the new DotNetBrowser version. Please find a detailed overview of the changes, introduced in v1.12:

Chromium 60

The Chromium engine was upgraded to version 60.0.3112.113. It means that support of WebGL 2.0 was automatically enabled.

New features

  • Ability to modify User-Agent string for the particular Browser instance at runtime.
  • Ability to change AcceptLanguage for the particular Browser instance at runtime.
  • Ability to convert JSObject to JSON string.


  • The on-screen keyboard support in Windows 10.
  • Support of custom cursors (WPF, Lightweight). The previous implementation created undesired temporary files in the working directory. Such behavior may have caused exceptions when the working directory is read-only.
  • The startup errors handling. Now the exceptions that may be thrown during startup will include more information about the root cause of the error.
  • Stability when loading Flash content after displaying a PDF file.
  • Stability when loading Flash content after displaying popups.

Fixed issues:

  • The WPFBrowserView.PreviewMouseWheel event now provides the scroll delta properly (WPF, Heavyweight). In the previous implementation, the received scroll delta was always set to 0.
  • Issue with custom PopupHandler implementation being ignored and the default one being used when the WPFBrowserView control is hosted in the WinForms applications.
  • Unnecessary focus grabbing when the StartLoadingFrameEvent event has been received (WPF, Heavyweight).
  • Issue when it’s not possible to access some properties of the IDictionary object injected into JavaScript through JS-.NET bridge API. For example, the previous implementation worked improperly with the Keys property.
  • Losing keyboard focus after displaying a JavaScript dialog (WinForms, Lightweight).
  • Blurred text on a web page (WPF, WinForms, Lightweight).
  • PDF document rendered incorrectly in the environments with non-default DPI settings.

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