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Posted on December 27, 2023

DotNetBrowser 2.25.0

Blazor Hybrid template for Avalonia UI

The DotNetBrowser.Templates package now contains one more template - a simple Blazor Hybrid application that utilizes the capabilities of Avalonia UI and DotNetBrowser to run Razor components in a desktop app. This approach can be used to build a cross-platform desktop application and construct its UI using both Blazor and Avalonia UI capabilities, sharing a large amount of code between web and desktop. See our Quick Start guide for more details.

Breaking changes

Due to changes in Chromium, the OpenFileHandler parameters no longer contain the DefaultFileName property. Instead, the InitialDirectory property was added, containing the initial directory that the file dialog box should display.

Learn more about these changes in the migration guide.

Chromium upgraded to 120.0.6099.109

We upgraded Chromium to a newer version, which introduces multiple security fixes, including:

For the complete list of Chromium fixes and improvements in 120.0.6099.109, please visit the product blog post for this version.

Quality enhancements

  • The Avalonia UI BrowserView now receives the keyboard focus properly after closing a dialog (e.g. a file chooser or JavaScript alert).

Download DotNetBrowser 2.25.0 (.NET Framework)
Download DotNetBrowser 2.25.0 (.NET Core)
Download DotNetBrowser 2.25.0 (Cross-platform)

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