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Posted on August 20, 2021

DotNetBrowser 2.8

What’s new

Chromium 91

In this version, we upgraded Chromium to version 91.0.4472.164 that includes 8 important security fixes.

Network connection state

Now you can get notifications when the network connection state is changed.

Chromium internally tracks the Internet connection status. When the Internet connection is dropped and then restored, Chromium detects this and programmatically reloads the currently loaded web page.

In this version, we extend the API with this functionality:

profile.Network.ConnectionTypeChanged += (s, e) =>
    ConnectionType connectionType = e.ConnectionType;

We figured out that the URL parameter is used by Chromium only to validate the given cookie and check its domain. We decided to modify this API to simplify it.

Now, you don’t have to pass the URL parameter and make sure that the URL and cookie’s domain are the same. Now, you can set a cookie using the following simple way:

Cookie cookie = new Cookie.Builder("")
    Name = "name",
    Value = "value",
    Path = "/"

bool success = engine.CookieStore.SetCookie(cookie).Result;

However, specifying the domain name is now required.

Fixed issues

  • The focus not restored after unfocusing and focusing on BrowserView located inside ElementHost.
  • The WinForms BrowserView instance becoming invisible after reattaching it to a Form in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • The keyboard focus not restored on the input field after minimizing/restoring the window.
  • The .NET memory leak observed when obtaining the same JavaScript object several times.
  • Proxy authentication not working with Incognito mode.

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