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Posted on April 10, 2018

DotNetBrowser 1.14.1

Important: this version contains a blocker issue that has been fixed in 1.14.2. Please use 1.14.2 instead of 1.14.1.

Current release is focused on creating solutions for reported issues, and improving performance of some key areas:


  • The available port detection algorithm during the socket initialization is improved.
  • Logging is improved.
  • The Browser.OnStartLoadingFrame and Browser.OnProvisionalLoadingFrame events is improved.
  • The VS 2017 VSIX package compatibility is added.

Fixed issues

  • DotNetBrowser WPF visual component raising an error in the Design mode. This issue was caused by the WPFBrowserView() constructor implementation.
  • Browser or BrowserView instance hanging in the different AppDomains. This issue was caused by an issue in the internal IPC module.
  • InvalidOperationException exception with the “Channel is already closed” message being thrown. This issue was caused by the native crash in the Chromium render process.
  • BrowserPreferences.SetChromiumDir() method having no effect on the Release configuration. The issue was related to the inline initialization of the static fields.
  • Some events not being present in the WinForms Properties window in the Design mode. This issue was caused by the lack of the event attributes.
  • Custom NetworkDelegate not working after all the Browser or BrowserView instances are disposed and created again. This issue was caused by an issue in the NetworkService implementation.
  • The issue with incorrect WPFBrowserView location hosted in ElementHost.
  • The issue with displaying mouse cursor WinFormsBrowserView.
  • The issue with focus stealing on every navigation.
  • The native crash when disposing Browserinstance when printing is in progress.
  • The issue when BrowserView.GetImage() returns black rectangle.
  • The issue when ProtocolService.Unregister(IProtocolHandler) method removes all protocols.

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